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Dead by Daylight wants your views on these proposed game modes

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Chucky the doll holding a knife in Dead by Daylight
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Behaviour Interactive wants your views on its tentpole asymmetric horror game, Dead by Daylight.

The team says it "encourage[s] you to be as honest as possible" about the game in a new survey, which is why all responses to the survey will be anonymous.

That said, your answers may be "paired with your in-game data", including your in-game purchase history, so bear that in mind.

Let's Play Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition - JUSTICE FOR BAAAAARB!

"The Dead by Daylight team would like your feedback in a Player Satisfaction survey," the team said via social media.

"We encourage you to be as honest as possible in letting us know how you feel about the game. The information and answers provided are anonymous.

Interestingly, after polling respondents on the game's latest Killer, Chucky, players are then asked for their thoughts about a range of hypothetical new game modes, including Hide & Seek, Deceivers, Bumrush, and Zombie tag.

For the latter, a random Survivor is picked to be the Killer and once they down a player, they'll get to swap roles. Once a survivor turns into a killer, they don't turn back and the mode ends when there's only one survivor left. Survivors, on the other hand, sounds very much like Among Us. Survivors work together to complete tasks before one or more "Deceivers" can kill everyone without being discovered. At the end of each round, players can vote for who they think the Deceiver is.

Bumrush sounds interesting, too. More generators will spawn on the map, and everyone moves at double speed. Survivors have three lives, from which they revive after a 20-second death timer.

To share your thoughts on the proposals or feedback on the horror game more generally, head on over to the Behaviour Interactive website. The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete and your data will only be used to help "continue to improve the game".

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