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Game of the Week: Bahnsen Knights and the ideal series

Brrrm with a view.

A trio of scary looking cult members in this screen from Bahnsen Knights. Two of them wear clothes with crosses on. Text reads: You Look at the Bahnsen Knights around you and you can't help but wonder...
Image credit: LCB Game Studios/Chorus Worldwide Games

Hello! It's our last Game of the Week of 2023 - next week we'll be on to end-of-the-year stuff - and what an incredible week to end things on. How many five star games can one week handle? Quite a few, I guess.

I'm choosing Bahnsen Knights as our Game of the Week, though. It's the game I know the best - although I've already lost quite a bit of time to Cobalt Core - and it's also the game that took me a while to properly get to know in the first place. And I want to say a little bit about that.

Bahnsen Knights is the latest game in LCB Game Studio's series of Pixel Pulps. These are short, narrative games that tackle all kinds of weird fiction, and they're all made to look like CGA games. I've been a fan of the series since I first played Mothmen 1966, but I didn't know quite how much I loved these games until a little later.

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