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This 2TB Crucial P5 Plus with heatsink can be yours from Amazon for just £108

A lot of SSD for the price.

If you want to add more storage to your PS5 or PC, and you want a complete solution, this Crucial P5 Plus reduction that Amazon is running at the moment makes for an excellent deal. The 2TB Heatsink model is available for £108 from the big online retailer, and in running through the numbers, that makes it £54 per TB of storage, which makes it especially affordable.

The P5 Plus is ideal for PC or PS5, with maximum read and write speeds of 6600MB/s and 5000MB/s respectively. These speeds are a touch faster than what you would have got out of the first roll of PCIe Gen 4 drives, and will represent a handy speed boost to any older drives, be them solid state or otherwise, currently in your system. Its random performance also impresses too, with 720K IOPS for read and 700K for writes, meaning loading times should be rather snappy.

The 2TB capacity is enough to provide a shedload of space for game storage with enough left over for an OS install if required for PC use, and for PS5, gives you a lot more usable space. With the PS5 only shipping with an 825GB internal SSD, 666GB of which is usable, it can more than quadruple your total usable storage. For a PS5 Slim, it also can triple your total storage, thanks to the upgrade internal SSD's capacity of 1TB. By coming with a heatsink too, this P5 Plus is also fully compliant with Sony's stringent SSD requirements, making it one of the best PS5 SSDs out there.

For PC use, you'll need a motherboard that supports the standard - you can Google this, but almost all motherboards from the last three or four years (eg B550, X570, Z590, H570 or later) are suitable. With that being said, it's a surefire way of speeding up your system for not very much in terms of outlay compared to what these drives once cost when they were introduced, and we've only seen drives get cheaper over this year.

For £108 from Amazon, this Crucial P5 Plus 2TB heatsink model is an absolute steal, and if you want to add speedy storage to your PC or PS5 for less, this is definitely worth a look.

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