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This 65-inch Mini LED Hisense TV has crashed in price with a Very discount code

A big, and capable TV with a lot of gaming features.

If you're in the market for a brand new telly for putting games on the big screen for reasonable money, then I may well have found the deal for you. This 65-inch 4K Mini LED Hisense option has had its price cut by handy discount code VTQ6R from Very, bringing it down from an £849 list price to a more stomachable £764, which is pretty good money for what is a well specced option in 2023.

It may not be an OLED, but the 65U7KQTUK remains a respectable choice whose Mini LED backlighting means it should offer some excellent brightness in its images, while also displaying solid colours and reasonably deep blacks for an LCD. What's also handy here is that the 65U7KQTUK supports all flavours of HDR, including Dolby Vision and HLG, as well as HDR10 and HDR10+. It's also an IMAX-certified screen, and features a Filmmmaker mode, if you want to view a production as the director intended.

The 65U7KQTUK is also quite a competent gaming TV, especially packing in a 144Hz refresh rate to go alongside its 4K resolution. You can take advantage of this with the pair of HDMI 2.1 ports on-board, allowing you to plug in a current games console or powerful living room PC and get its full effect. There is also some decent VRR support, with the rare AMD FreeSync Premium making its way to the 65U7KQTUK, while it also features ALLM too for the most responsive experience. Its VIDAA smart TV OS features a full complement of streaming apps too, and offers a simple and reasonably intuitive OS to boot, too.

The speakers inside the 65U7KQTUK pack in Dolby Atmos for a more immersive sound, and for a set of TV speakers, they're decent enough, with a clear mid-range and solid detail. Adding a dedicated set of speakers or soundboar through the TV's HDMI eARC port will improve things to no end, though.

This Hisense 65U7KQTUK is an excellent TV for the money, especially if you want a bigger screen option with a lot of vibrancy and a sharp, detailed image.

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