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Blade Ball codes December 2023

How to redeem Blade Ball codes in Roblox.

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Blade Ball codes allow you to earn free rewards, from sword skins to coins, in this Roblox game.

As its name suggests, Blade Ball in Roblox is all about hitting a ball with a sword whenever it comes flying towards you. If done successfully, the ball will soar towards one of your opponents at a faster speed, but, if you miss, you’ll explode.

Below you’ll find a list of the working Blade Ball codes in Roblox, along with how to redeem Blade Ball codes.

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Roblox Blade Ball codes

Here, as of 31st December 2023, are the working Blade Ball codes in Roblox:

  • HAPPYNEWYEAR - Rewards
  • MERRYXMAS - Rewards
  • WINTERSPIN - Season Spin

Keep in mind that occasionally newly released codes can only be redeemed in private servers. So, if you’re having problems redeeming a code, try joining a private server and claiming it there.

Some Blade Ball codes may give you a free spin of the wheel. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Wiggity

How to redeem Blade Ball codes in Roblox

To redeem a Blade Ball code in Roblox, you first need to ensure you’re actually playing Blade Ball and, once here, press the 'Extra' button in the top left-hand corner of your screen before selecting the 'Codes' option.

Image credit: Eurogamer/Wiggity
Image credit: Eurogamer/Wiggity

If you’ve entered a valid code, you’ll be rewarded with both the items and the words 'Successfully claimed!'

If 'Invalid code!' appears, then you've entered the code incorrectly. If 'Expired!' appears, however, it means you’ve either entered an old code, and therefore can no longer claim this reward, or you need to be in a private service to use this code. To check this, create a private server, join it and then attempt to redeem the code again. Remember - Blade Ball lets you create one free private server per Roblox account.

Image credit: Eurogamer/Wiggity

If you’re still receiving the 'Expired!' message in this private server, this sadly means that the code has expired and you’re no longer able to claim its rewards. Most Roblox game codes are time-limited, with this limit for games like Blade Ball lasting roughly two weeks.

Where are new Roblox Blade Ball codes released?

If you want to keep an eye out for new Blade Ball codes in Roblox (other than keeping an eye on this page), we recommend heading over to its official Discord page. Here new codes are dropped in the ‘#codes’ channel whenever a new one is released.

It’s also worth checking the official Blade Ball YouTube channel and official Blade Ball X account (formally known as Twitter) as new codes may be announced on these platforms too.

New Blade Ball codes are typically released when the game achieves a new milestone, like a new update or a specific number of likes, so, if you know something like that has occurred, it’s worth hunting down that new code.

Expired Blade Ball codes for Roblox

Below you’ll find all of the expired Blade Ball codes in Roblox:

  • LIVEEVENTS - Extra Infinity Trial Streak
  • UPD250COINS - 250 Coins
  • UPDATE.DAY - Comically Large Flashlight Sword
  • SERPENT_HYPE - Equinox Ball Kebab Sword
  • 1.5BTHANKS - Ball on a Stick Sword
  • VISITS_TY - 1 Spin
  • 500K - 50 Coins
  • 1000LIKES - Coins
  • 5000LIKES - Coins
  • 10000LIKES - Coins
  • 50000LIKES - Coins
  • 200KLIKES - 200 Coins
  • 1MLIKES - 200 Coins
  • 3MLIKES - Free wheel spin
  • 10KFOLLOWERZ - Special skin
  • 1BVISITSTHANKS - Sword skin
  • FORTUNE - Free wheel spin
  • HALLOWEEN - Sword skin
  • HAPPYHALLOWEEN - Free wheel spin
  • HOTDOG10K - Sword skin
  • RRRANKEDDD - 200 Coins
  • SITDOWN - Coins
  • SORRY4DELAY - 160 Coins
  • ThxForSupport - Coins
  • UPDATETHREE - Free wheel spin
  • WEEK4 - Special skin

Hope you enjoy playing Blade Ball!

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