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Fruit Battlegrounds codes December 2023

How to redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes in Roblox.

A Roblox character attacking a huge purple cloudy enemy.
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Fruit Battlegrounds codes in Roblox are all about getting more gems for your character in this One Piece anime-inspired game.

Fruit Battlegrounds is focused on combat in the One Piece universe. However, unlike some other Roblox games, Fruit Battlegrounds throws you into the thick of the action much quicker - as soon as you've spun the wheel to get a fruit, you can spawn and start fighting. However, to get more fruit - and more abilities - you need gems, which can be earned by redeeming Fruit Battlegrounds codes.

Here are all of the working Fruit Battlegrounds codes in Roblox, along with how to redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes.

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds codes

Here are all of the working Fruit Battlegrounds codes as of 29th December 2023:

  • 540DAYUM - 500 gems
  • 530GYAT - 500 gems
  • SHEEESH520!! - 500 gems
  • WINTAH2023 - 500 gems
  • LAVAPARTY - 300 gems
  • KOLDKRAZE! - 300 gems

How to redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes in Roblox

To redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes, you must first launch Fruit Battlegrounds on Roblox. On the main menu, click on 'Spin Fruit', then click on 'Spin' with the treasure chest, instead of 'Fruit Storage'.

The Fruit Battlegrounds main menu with an arrow pointing at the spin fruit option.
An arrow pointing at the spin option on the screen after selecting 'Spin Fruit' from the main menu.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Popo

Rather than spinning your gems away though, you can enter any of the active codes above, then click 'Redeem'. If entered correctly, your gems total will update and you can spin for more fruit.

A red arrow pointing at the option to redeem codes in Fruit Battlegrounds.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Popo

Where are new Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds codes released?

The best place to find all of the active Fruit Battlegrounds codes is here on this page, as we'll keep this updated on a regular basis, however if you want to hunt them down yourself, head to the Fruit Battlegrounds Discord server. In the #fb-news and #fb-updates channel, the creator, Zak, will regularly post new codes.

Expired Fruit Battlegrounds codes

  • 510KWOWW
  • 500KVIIBE!
  • WECLOSE480
  • CHEF470K
  • 460KRAZY!
  • SIZZLIN450
  • 430TOOMUCH
  • 420BLAZE
  • CRAZYYY410!
  • LETSGOO400
  • SHEEESH390!
  • 380ALMOST

Hope you enjoy playing Fruit Battlegrounds!

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